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Telangana University bsc first year computer sience imp questions|tu bsc model papers

Telangana University bsc first year computer sience imp questions

Here we are giving the Telangana university bsc first year computer sience imp questions. Telangana university ug bsc first year computer sience imp questions.students here telangana university bsc first year computer sience imp questions avalable now.

TU 3rd year regular supply results 2018

Covers Fundamentals of Computers – DOS – Windows – Programming with C

1. Explain about Generations of Computers.

2. Define a Computer. Explain with the help of a block diagram

3. Differentiate between Analog and Digital Computers

4. What is memory? Explain about Primary and Secondary storage devices

5. Differentiate between RAM and ROM. Define Cache Memory

6. Explain in brief about Input and Output devices

7. What is Software? Explain about i) Operating System ii) Application Software

8. What is an Operating System. Explain about features of an Operating System. Give 5 examples for OS’es.

9. What is a command? Explain about any 5 commands in DOS

10. Explain features of Windows.

11. What is Recycle Bin ? How do you delete a file in Windows ?

12. What is the use of Windows Explorer. Explain how we can do the following in Windows – Copy a file, Delete a file, Rename a file and Move a file.

13. Explain about Data Types in C

14. What is a preprocessor. Explain about any 5 header files in C

15. Write about Input-Output Statements in C 16. What is a Conditional Statements? Give Examples

17. What are Looping Statements? Give Examples

18. What is a Function? Give example of a function which is recursive.

19. What is meant by Call-By-Value and Call-By-Reference

20. Explain about Structures and Unions in C

21. What is a Storage class? Give Examples

22. Explain about Command line arguments in C

23. What is an Array? Write a program to multiply two matrices

24. Write about String functions in C

25. What is a Pointer? Write a program to demonstrate the use of pointers.

26. Define a Stack – Queue and a Linked List.
27. What is an Office Suite? Give Examples and explain about Word Processing.

28. Explain about various items on MS Word Window.

29. Explain about Margins. What is a header and footer?

30. Explain how a table can be inserted in a document. Also explain on inserting and deletion of rows and columns and merging and splitting cells. What is Table AutoFormatting ?

31. Explain about Menus and Toolbars available in MS Word

32. What are Word Art and ClipArt? Explain how a picture can be inserted from a file into a Document

33. Explain about Auto Numbering, AutoText and AutoSave features of Word.

34. What is a Macro? Explain steps in recording and running a Macro.

35. How do you Mail Merge a Document from a Data Source

36. Explain steps in Mail Merging a Document from an external database.

37. What is a Presentation? Explain steps to create a presentation in MS PowerPoint.

38. Explain about views of Slides in Power Point.

39. What is an Organisation Chart? Explain steps in creating an Organisation Chart.

40. Explain about Slide Transistions.

41. What is a Database? Explain steps in creating a table in Access

42. What are Queries ? Explain steps in creating a query.

43. What are Forms and Reports. Explain with the help on an example on how they can be created in Access

44. Explain how Relations between databases can be obtained. What are Primary and Secondary Key.

45. What is a module? Explain about Class Module and Standard Module in Access

46. What is a Spreadsheet ? Explain how a Spreadsheet can be created in Excel. Also explain how formulas can be put in a worksheet

47. What is Linking? Explain how two worksheets can be linked.

48. What is a function? Explain about inbuilt functions in Excel.

49. Explain about Mathematical, String and Date and Time Functions in Excel

50. Explain how graphs can be drawn in Excel. How many types of graphs can be generated in Excel.

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